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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

Bleed & Safe Area Explained

Learn how Bleed & Safe Area are used to ensure your designs are printed correctly.

What is Bleed?

Bleed refers to the area of a document that extends beyond the trim edge. When a document is printed, it is often printed on a larger sheet of paper and then cut down to the final size. The bleed area allows for slight misalignment in the cutting process, ensuring that no white edges or unprinted areas are visible on the final product. Standard Bleed size is 1/8 inch (or 3mm).

What is the Safe Area?

Safe area refers to the area of a document that is guaranteed to be visible after the document is cut to its final size. This area is usually located within the trim edge, and is where the main design content should be placed. It is important to keep text or other key elements within the safe area to ensure they will not be cut off during the printing and cutting process. While the Bleed extends 1/8 inch out from the edge of the design, the Safe Area extends 1/8 inch inwards.

Viewing Bleed & Safe Area in Easil

Bleed & Safe Area can be enabled using the Page Options menu when you have a design open.

Enabling this option will display guides on your design, showing where the Bleed and Safe Area is.

Make sure background elements extend all the way to the edge of the red Bleed line, and that all important content like Text sits within the blue Safe Area line.