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Written by Annette

Deleting your Easil Account

How to request your Easil Account to be permanently deleted.

If you would like your Easil profile deleted, please advise in the chat window by clicking on the (? / Help) Icon. After requesting the deletion, you will need to log out of Easil for the process to be completed by one of our Team Members.

Please note that you will lose access to Easil, and deleted profiles cannot be reversed or recovered.

Alternatively, you can email our Privacy Officer using the email address that your account is registered with, and request permanent deletion.

Leaving a Team

If you have been invited and accepted an invitation to join an Easil team, you will need to request the Administrator/s of your team to remove you from the team account. If you are the owner of the Team, you can assign 'Admin' role to another team member, and ask that they remove you from the team.

Team members can be added and managed by Admin Role team members, and only this role will see the 'Team' tab in the Easil navigation.

Unsubscribing from Marketing Emails only

You can also unsubscribe from any marketing emails by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' button located at the base of the email.