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Written by Annette

How do I undo or redo a change or action?

In Easil, you can undo or redo a change you have made in your design.

To undo any edits you’ve made:

Click on the “undo” button on the sidebar or simply press the keyboard combinations below:

Command + Z (MAC)

Control + Z (PC)

Alternatively, you can click on the undo and redo button located on the Actionbar. This option will allow you to revert back through several edits.

To redo any edits you’ve made:

You can also redo changes by clicking on the “redo” button or using the keyboard shortcuts:

Shift Command + Z (MAC)

Shift + Control + Z (PC)

Using the Redo button in the Easil interface will allow you to 'Redo' several changes that you have previously undone.