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Written by Annette

How to add a QR Code to your Design

Add a QR (Quick Response) code to your icon to allow your audience to quickly reach your digital channels, with a scan from their SmartPhone camera.

Easil's free QR Code generator is perfect for adding to promotional items and business cards, postcards and more. Add them to your DIY designs with just a few clicks:

  1. Open your design or a new Template in the Easil Editor.
  2. Click on 'Elements' in the right side bar.
  3. Select 'QR Code'.
  4. Enter your URL into the input field and 'Add to Design'.

To edit or customize your QR code once it is placed on your design, select it and then choose from the following editing options:

Colors: Open the color palette to change the display color of the generated code.

Size: Click on any of the corner handles to increase or decrease the size of the QR code.

Update the destination URL: Click on the link icon and update the website URL.

Tip: If you would like your QR code to have a background color, open the Elements tab, and then 'Shapes'. Add a square shape to your design and expand the size to be slightly larger than the code size. Update the color of the background using the color palette options, and then re-arrange the layer order by either right-clicking and sending backwards, using the options in the top toolbar, or by dragging in the layer order (in the Layers tab).