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Written by Annette

How to Create an Animated GIF

Learn how to make an awesome animated GIF in minutes!

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To create an Animated gif, you must be working on a digital-format design (a design measured in pixels - (PX), not MM or Inches.)

If your design is a print-format design, you can use the resize tool to resize it to a digital format.

The design must also have multiple pages. Each frame of the Gif generated will be a different page of the design. If you create a 3 page design, then the Gif will cycle through 3 frames.

  1. Create your design. Working on a digital-format design, create a multi-page design with elements that are moved or adjusted on each page.
  2. Open the Download panel and select "GIF"
  3. Select a speed option, then click DOWNLOAD.

Gifs can be download in multiple speeds - select the speed appropriate for your design.