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Written by Annette

Creating and working with Tables

Tables can be useful for setting up columns of text content on a design, eg a menu.

Please note that Tables are a Beta Feature of Easil. Further development work will be undertaken on these in time!

Tables can be useful for setting up text content on a design, eg a menu.

To add a table to your design, navigate to the Add Graphic Elements tab, then select Tables.

You will then see a list of table options. There are various configurations of cells. Click on a configuration you want to add it to your design.

Once you add a table to your design, you can edit the individual cells by double clicking. You can type in new content, and change the cell formatting. Any changes you make to the formatting (font, font size, color, etc) will affect all matching cells in the table.

In the example below, the font for the Title cell has been changes. Both "Menu Item" and "Menu Item 2" are updated at the same time. The same applies with adding a color, or font size to a cell within a table set.

Editing Table Content

You can then use your 'tab' key to quickly move through the cells from left to right for editing.

Re-arranging the Order of Rows in your Table

Re-arrange the order of your row sets by clicking and dragging up or down within the table. The whole formatted set will move together.

Resize the width of your Table

You can adjust the size of your table by using the centre handles on the left and right of the table. Expand the table by pulling the handle out-ways, or push towards the table to reduce the width. Please note that reducing the table width by a large amount may require manual adjustment and line breaks to be added to the content to correctly re-format it.