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Written by Annette

How to export an animated GIF as MP4

Learn how to produce an auto-playing slideshow of your design pages, in video format.

If you've mastered how to create an animated GIF, but the format isn't supported on social media sites (eg Instagram and Facebook have limitations on the types of files formats you can post) - this option will provide you with a video output that you can use!

To create a self playing slideshow you must be working on a digital-format design (that is a design measured in pixels - (PX), not MM or Inches.)

The design must also have multiple pages to become a slideshow and export as a MP4 format. Each frame of the video generated will be a different page of the design. If you create a 3 page design, then the video will play through 3 frames automatically.

  1. Create your design. Working on a digital-sized design, create a multi-page design with elements that are moved or adjusted on each page, or varying content for a slideshow.
  2. Open the Download panel and select "MP4"
  3. Select a speed option, then click DOWNLOAD.
  4. MP4s can be downloaded in various speeds - select the dropdown to choose the appropriate playback speed for your slideshow.

MP4 videos do not automatically loop, but you may find some some social media networks do play short videos in a loop.