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Written by Annette

How to make a transparent background

Learn how to set the background of your image to transparent to create a PNG file. Available to Plus & Edge users.

If you need to download a transparent PNG file, you can easily set your design background to be transparent.

To do so, open your design in Easil, and make sure you don't have any elements selected. You can do this by clicking off to the side of the design.

You will see one option in the Actionbar at the top left - 'Color'.

In the 'Background Color' section of the popout, select the transparent option (The white circle with a red line through it).You can identify that a file is transparent by the checkerboard pattern that appears on the design canvas.

It's important to note that only PNG format supports transparency, so when downloading, ensure you select the PNG option combined with selecting the transparent background as outlined in this article.

Transparent PNG feature is available for Plus & Edge Users.

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