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Written by Annette

How to remove the Background from an Image

The super-easy way to remove a background from a photograph of a person, animals or products.

The Background Remove feature is housed in the ‘My Images’ section of your Easil Workspace.

  1. Click on the upload button within the My Images tab.
  2. Once your image is visible in the list, click on the arrow icon on the right side of the applicable row.
  3. Select ‘Remove Background’.
  4. Your new image copy will be saved in the same location.

  1. To use your images in a design:
  2. Open a design or template in the Editor.
  3. Navigate to the Images tab, and locate the image.
  4. Click or drag to add to your design!

This feature works best on photographic images that have a clearly defined foreground and background, and can be used on photos of people, products, cars and more!

We’ve allowed a certain amount of credits for each paid tier of Easil, that renews with every month!


10 Background Remove Credits allocated each month, per user


50 Background Remove Credits allocated each month, per user

Each paid team member receives their own allocation of credits monthly. Credits are not applied to free trials, or to the Basic plan of Easil. Ensure you log in monthly and use your credits, as unused credits do not roll over into the following month.