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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

How to use Smart Text

How to create Smart Text and use it in your Designs

What is Smart Text?

Smart Text allows you to quickly set & reuse frequently used text like emails, addresses, names and more. It can be especially useful in Teams, where your Team Templates can be automatically customised for other users.

Smart Text can be created at the Team level or the User level. Team Smart Text can be used by any members in that team (useful for things like Venue Locations), while User Smart Text is user specific (Useful for things like Email Addresses Phone Numbers, etc).

For example, you could use Smart Text to create a Template for a Business Card with placeholders for Names, emails & addresses - then your users can open that template and their User Smart Text will automatically complete those fields.

Creating New Smart Text

New Smart Text can be added in either your team's Brand Kit or your My Uploads page.

Smart Text fields added to Brand Kit will populate with that content for every user within your Team, whereas fields created via My Uploads will populate with each Users information (once they set up the fields in their profile).

In addition, Brand Kit Smart Fields will populate to sub-teams, and vary to the content set for the Brand Kit in that sub-team.

To add a new Smart Text field, click the + Add Smart Text button in the top right of the page.

A modal will appear allowing you to set a Smart Text ID and your Smart Text Content. The Smart Text ID is what Easil will check for when typing into a design, and the Smart Text Content is what will appear when the smart text has been added.

For example, a Smart Text ID could be "", which will become "" when added into a design.

Certain Smart Text fields are automatically created for you based on information you used to sign up, eg your Name and Email Address. You can override these if desired.

If you are in a Sub-Team, you can also see a list of any Smart Text fields created by your Parent Team, so that you can create your own matching copies.

Using Smart Text in a Design

When you are designing in Easil, type in the ID for the smart text you want to use within a pair of curly brackets (eg, type in "{}"). Once you finish editing the text, the Smart Text Content will appear in the text box.

If you open a Template that already uses Smart Text, your own Smart Text data will automatically appear. You can also share designs with Smart Text with other teammates, and they can choose to override your data with their own, or leave it as it is.