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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

My Design is Approved/Declined, what now?

Approved Design Process (Non-Brand Manager Roles)

When approval is granted by a Brand Manager, the design is returned to the submitter, and will be located in a new tab in the Workspace, titled ‘My Approved Designs’.

Any designs that are located within the My Approved Designs tab will be able to be downloaded, or ordered.

Further changes cannot be made to the approved design – and it can only be downloaded in the current approved state.

To make changes to a design that has been approved, click the ‘Copy and Edit’ button from the black arrow icon located at the bottom right of the design card. This will make a draft copy of the approved design in your My Designs tab.


If a Brand Manager declines a submission the design will be returned to the team member with a notification email (including reason for decline, if stated), and return to the ‘My Designs’ section of the Workspace, under ‘Approval Declined’.

From here, the options available are:

  • Re-submit for approval: This will ask for approval on the design again, in it’s current state.
  • Revert to draft: This allows changes to the design to be made, prior to re-submitting for approval.
  • Archive: Filing the design in archives and not proceeding further with changes or the approval process.