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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

Require Approval on a Design

Setting up Templates for Approval (Brand Manager Role)

Any Designs that have already been created into Team Templates will be able to immediately be added to the new process. Note that this is a template ‘opt-in’ system, meaning that you can pick and choose which designs you’d like to ensure an approver looks over, and allow other designs to bypass the flow and allow instant downloading for the user.

  1. Navigate to your Teams Template section, and locate the Design that you would like to activate.
  2. Click on the black arrow icon located at the bottom right of the design card.
  3. Select ‘Enable Approval Process’.
  4. This Template is now required to be submitted for Approval by any team members that create copies of the template. It will have a blue check-mark icon added to the bottom left corner of the card so that any user will clearly see that this design requires approval.

Design Templates can be opted-out of the Approval Process by a Brand Manager clicking on the black arrow icon and reverting to ‘Disable approval process’.