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Written by Annette

Saving Issues

Easil saves your work in progress as you go. If you are experiencing issues or receive an error, review the tips in this article.

Your designs are saved in Easil every time you make a change. You can tell when a design is saving by looking at the Saving Indicator check-mark, next to your Design Title.

• The check-mark and circle flash white when a design is saving.

• The check-mark and circle return to a light gray once saving is complete.

Keep an eye on the saving indicator as you work, to eliminate any possibility of losing more than a minor change to your work.

If you notice your saving indicator is not flashing, please check the following:

• Ensure your internet connection is fast, and stable.

• Open your design in another browser window, without closing the current working window. Opening in a new window will open the current saved content, so that if required, you can copy & paste, or screenshot the design content from the non-saving window.

• Clear your web browser's cache.

If you have further issues, please contact our support team by clicking on the (?) within Easil.