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Written by Annette

Text Readability

Tips for ensuring the text you include on your designs is legible

When adding text to your design (especially when printing) it is important to consider how legible your text will be.

There are several factors that influence text readability, but the most important is Font Size in relation to viewing distance.

We recommend using a minimum of 8pt font size for your text on standard document such as business cards and flyers, as anything lower than that can be quite difficult to read. However, you should also consider what size you are designing for - eg, a text size that is easily readable on a flyer is far too small to use on a banner, which is typically viewed from much further away.

Example font sizes per document size:

Poster Headlines: From 150pt

Poster smallest text: 20-30pt

Instagram Post smallest text: 25-30pt

Font choice is also important. When using small font sizes, it's best to avoid using highly detailed decorative fonts, as the details can blend together and become difficult for viewers to easily read and comprehend.

Letter Spacing and Line Height should also be kept reasonably high at small font sizes, so that text does not overlap itself.

Finally, high contrast of font color versus background color is extra important at small font sizes. Eg, black text on a white background will be much more readable than dark grey text on a light grey background.