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Written by Annette

The difference between Graphics and Images

There are two different types of digital assets available in Easil – Graphics and Images. Both have their own characteristics and special uses.


Graphics (or Vector images) are elements that you can scale as large, or as small as you like, and will always appear smooth and without any jagged edges. This makes them ideal for logos and any branding elements used in banners and other large format prints.

These can also be used to give more structure to your design (by using elements such as Corners, Lines, Shapes and Banners) and can give embellishment to your design (Icons, Arrows, Illustrations, Ornate letters and Patterns.)


Images (sometimes called Raster or Bitmap images) are files which are made of millions of tiny squares called pixels. Unlike their Graphic (vector) counterparts, they lose quality or pixelate if enlarged enough.

In order to achieve high quality prints, it is recommended that you use images that are the highest resolution possible to ensure the quality of your print is perfect. Our friendly team are happy to check your files before you order prints, but always download a proof PDF prior to submitting to check everything looks correct.