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Written by Annette

Image file types that can be uploaded to Easil

Before you upload your images in Easil, it is helpful to keep in mind which specifications are recommended to ensure high-quality print output.

It is highly recommended that you upload images that are:

  • At least 100dpi
  • At least 1500px wide (for background images)
  • In RGB mode
  • In JPG (for regular images) or PNG-24 (for any image with transparency)
  • SVG Format

These specifications are just suggestions for a typical image used in a design. If your design features a large image background and will be printed large format, then you should upload your images in as High Quality as possible.

Please take note that uploading images under the following file formats are incompatible with Easil:

  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • BMP

If you need to upload files to your Team's Brand Kit, please see the available file formats here:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • SVG

Note that you can upload images in various ways in Easil:

  • When in the Editor, you can upload via the Images tab, on the right sidebar.
  • You can drag and drop images onto your design, from your Desktop. These will then also be found in 'My Images'.
  • You can upload (or drag your images) onto the 'My Images' section within your 'My Workspace' area.