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Written by Annette

Using the Favorites and Assets Tab

The Assets tab is where you can find all elements used on your current design. This tab also shows any elements you have Favorited.

To use an element from the Assets tab:

  1. Go to the Assets tab.
  2. Select 'Favorites' to locate items that you have favorited previously. These are saved here to use across any design within Easil, quickly and easily. Click on the '+' icon or drag it onto your design.
  3. The 'Template' tab houses all image and vector elements used in your current design and any resizes, so you can quickly add to other pages. It acts as a clipboard for current design graphics and photos, and includes assets that you have hidden in layers.

To Favorite an element, just click on the heart symbol and it will immediately save to your favorites tab, providing you with access to that photo or element to use on any design.