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Written by Annette

What are Design Collections?

Collections are a way to group together several design sizes that are part of a campaign. Learn how to create them here.

When you click on any template from the Easil range, a modal will pop up with the following:

  • A larger preview of the design,
  • The title of the design, and the dimensions of the template, and
  • A button to 'Edit Design'.

In addition, if the design contains other size options, you will have:

  • An 'Edit Collection' button, and
  • A list of already resized design template options, with clickable previews for each size.

If you want to edit an individual size only, click on that size option, and then 'Edit Design'. If there are more than one of the sizes that you would like to edit and keep together within your editing space, select 'Edit Collection'.

Note: At this time, you cannot select a range of sizes. You can choose one design or the entire collection. If you select the entire collection you can easily delete any unwanted sizes using the 'Sizes' tab on the right sidebar.

You can move between editing designs by clicking on each in the Sizes sidebar, and even copy & paste items between them.

Designing sizes for your Collection

  1. Create your initial design, with the best practice of having this design 100% complete before moving onto step 2.
  2. Click on the Sizes tab on the right sidebar, and then 'Resize'. Select your new chosen design size, and this will open in the editor.
  3. Complete your design tweaks using the Easil editing tools.
  4. Repeat the resize process for any additional sizes to be added to the Collection.
  5. Once your resizes are complete, you can optionally apply your locking and brand restrictions to each size if these are required for your Team brand standards.

Converting your Design Sizes to Team Templates

  1. In your Workspace, click on black chevron (arrow at the bottom right) on any of the drafts resize thumbnails.
  2. When the modal appears, select 'Convert Collection' to group all of the designs as one Collection.
  3. The design Collection will now be available in the Templates > Team section, accessible to you, and any team-mates. They'll have the option to choose one, or all items in the collection when they open on any linked design.

Read more about this feature in this article and also our Beta release of how to 'Update Collections' changes across all sizes.