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Written by Annette

What fonts can I upload?

Easil supports TTF (True Type Font) and OTF (Open Type Font) formats for uploading to use with our editing tools.

Easil supports TTF (True Type Font) and OTF (Open Type Font) formats. If you only have other font formats (eg WOFF), there is free software available online that will convert your files into TTF or OTF.

We recommend uploading fonts that are under 1mb in size. Especially large and complex fonts (eg very detailed grunge textured fonts) may cause issues with the Easil editor. These fonts may or may not work fine in Easil, however we cannot guarantee a smooth experience when using them.

A note about font licensing

Before you upload your own font to the application, you must confirm that you have the correct licensing to be able to use the fonts. There are several types of licenses that you can usually purchase for fonts. These can include Personal, Standard or Extended Licenses, Print or Web Licenses, Web Server Licenses, or others, depending on where you purchase your fonts and your personal or business requirements for the use of fonts.

Some fonts and font families will advertise themselves as ‘free,’ however these are often free for personal use only, meaning a license may be required for any commercial use.

Please ensure you are legally allowed to use a font for your intended purpose before uploading it to Easil.

On Plus and Edge plans, there is currently no limit to the amount of custom fonts you can upload.