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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

Uploading custom fonts

Uploading custom fonts is done directly through the Easil editor, or via the Brand Kit.

Once you have a design open, navigate to the Text tab in the sidebar. With the Text tab open, you can upload new fonts, or view & delete old ones.

Near the top of the tab is the Upload button. This is where you will upload any custom font you wish to use.

Below the Upload section is a list of all previously uploaded custom fonts. To delete any of these fonts, simply click the Delete icon next to the font you would like to remove.


Once you click "Upload Fonts" button, you can drag your font files onto the box that appears, or simply click on the box to manually select your file. (Read more about what types of files you can upload here)

Once you have selected your font file, you must check the box below to confirm that you have the right to use your selected font for your intended purpose. (Read more about Font licensing here)

Finally, click the “Upload” button to proceed. Easil will process your font. Once complete, it will appear in your list of custom fonts below.

Now that your custom font has been uploaded, it will appear in the font selection box when you have a textbox selected in Easil.

Custom fonts appear listed above Easil fonts, scroll to the top of the font selection box to view your custom Fonts.