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Written by Annette

Hiding Easil Templates from your Team

Learn how to hide Easil templates from your team, allowing them access to only your Branded templates.

If you're working on branded designs for your team, you may have the requirement to only give your team access to those templates.

Easil allows you to lock access to the 'Easil' range of templates to anyone who does not have 'Designer' permission applied.

This means that the Designers on your team can still utilize the templates to create master Templates for your team, and everyone else simply accesses the Master Templates located in your 'Team' tab.

To access the 'Hide Easil Templates' feature, click on the 'Brand' tab in the navigation, scroll down past your Brand Kit, to the 'Brand Settings' section. Here you will find a toggle to turn these on and off.

When your team members log in, their Template view will default to the 'Team' Templates view.

Important: You must ensure your team mates do not have 'Designer' Role applied when invited to join your team. To adjust the permissions, visit the 'Team' tab.