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Joel Montgomery
Written by Joel Montgomery

How to Switch Teams

Switching between Teams in Easil

If you are a member of multiple teams, you will see a Team Switcher button in the upper right corner of your workspace.

See the "Kaffe" button to the left of the User's Avatar

Click this button & you will see a list of the Teams you have access to. Click on one of the Teams to switch into it.

If a Team has any Sub Teams, they will be listed underneath their parent team. Click the "X Teams >" button to view those Sub Teams.

Note the "5 Teams" and "4 Teams" listed underneath the Kaffe and Thinkly teams.

When you first sign up, a personal 'team' is created for you. If you're setting up your organisation in Easil, you could invite other users directly into your personal team, change the team name, image, etc - or, you could create a new team, leaving your personal team for any other work not related to your organisation.

If you joined Easil from an invitation to join another team, you will still have a personal team, which is totally separate from the Team you were invited to. You can complete any personal projects there, should you have any.