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Written by Annette

Roles and Permissions of Team Members

Learn how to add, delete and manage team roles.

Each team member added in Easil can be assigned roles to define what they can and cannot access, and create with the tool.

Roles in Easil are cumulative, meaning that more than one role can be assigned to each team member, by selecting the checkbox.

The Roles available are:


A user with Admin permissions assinged can add, remove and manage team members. This role is suited to management or team members who are not required to be part of the production of marketing material or assets.

Brand Manager

The Brand Manager can Import and manage brand assets including logos, fonts, and brand imagery, as well as assign color palettes to a team.

A Brand Manager can also control which templates are opted into the Approval Workflow, and is responsible for actioning submissions for Approval.


A user with Designer permissions can create and edit design templates, add tags to them for search ability, and make them available to fellow team members to create drafts (copies) from. They can also apply design restrictions to a design that will be converted into a Template.

In smaller organizations, the Designer would have both Brand Manager and Designer roles applied, allowing them to create sub-brands with all assets, as well as creative template construction.


A Member can amend editable areas in designs by creating a draft copy of a completed template made by the team Designer. They cannot edit or unlock protected elements of designs, but can use the tools to create on brand graphics without the worry of choosing fonts, colors, and so-forth.

Team members can be added and managed by Admin Role team members, and only this role will see the 'Team' tab in the Easil navigation.